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AI A/B Testing: A new way to experiment

Donald Ng
October 13, 2023
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If you are an enterprise marketer or product manager, there’s a good chance you’ve relied on A/B testing as a strategy to boost your conversion rate. However, you may have encountered a key problem - A/B testing isn’t as efficient as it needs to be for substantial, consistent gains.

Here’s why:

The A/B Testing Challenge

Traditional A/B testing comes with a set of challenges. While it’s a principal tool for validating or rejecting conversion and personalization hypotheses, the majority of A/B tests don’t yield positive results. Moreover, these tests often demand substantial resources and traffic, a luxury not all companies can afford.

The result? Optimization gains remain a distant dream for many businesses. So, how do you rise out of this predicament?

The AI-Driven Solution

The answer is to test more, quicker, with less effort - all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Imagine being able to run a series of A/B tests, but this time with the added efficiency and precision of AI technology. This is where Mida comes into play - our AI-powered, free A/B testing platform.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

Mida: An AI-Powered Approach to A/B Testing

1. Save Time and Resources

Mida uses AI to run efficient and effective A/B tests. So, you not only experiment more but do so without raising your resource footprint. You can look forward to saving about 20 hours a week – that’s half of a typical work week you can use to focus on other crucial business aspects!

2. Efficient and Powerful

Unlike conventional models, Mida operates at 2x the speed and 10x efficiency. It compiles an extensive set of hypotheses within a single experiment, identifies the ones that impact performance positively, and the ones that don’t. Then, it uses this data to run new experiments that build a winning combination of high-performing hypotheses.

3. Boost Conversion Rates

Since its launch, Mida’s AI technology has managed to boost conversion rates by an average of 80% for our users. Yes, you read that right - an 80% average boost to conversion rates! It’s an excellent demonstration of automation and machine learning put to practical use.

4. Auto Learn and Optimise

Say goodbye to manual optimization and A/B testing. Mida’s learning algorithm can learn and optimise on its own. A couple of button clicks are all it takes for your site to kickstart this learning process.

Wrapping Up

The fruits of A/B testing are undeniable. The only issue - it’s not the most efficient means for businesses to reach their conversion goals. That’s why it’s time for an upgrade, an AI-powered upgrade.

Mida is one such platform that leverages AI to bring A/B testing to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. It’s free for up to 50k unique users, making it a must-try for businesses looking for a breakthrough in their conversion rate optimization efforts.

With Mida, the possibilities are vast, as is the potential for growth. Test more, test smarter, and let AI do the heavy lifting for you.

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