Mida: Lightweight A/B testing tool (<20KB) that doesn't slow down your site

Mida script weighs around 17.2KB in total. That is 13X smaller than all of our competitors such as Convert.com, VWO, WebTrends Optimize, and etc.

One of the biggest reasons why Mida is so fast is because we do not rely on jQuery, and our script is built on Vanilla JS, as developers call it, to ensure your website operates at its peak performance.

Performance impact on LCP in milliseconds

Here's what makes us different:

  • Super lightweight: Our single script is 17.2KB uncompressed, significantly smaller than competitors like Convert.com (203KB), VWO (254KB), and WebTrends Optimize (170KB).
  • jQuery-free: We don't take shortcuts and building our software on top of jQuery in the expense of our customers website performance.
  • Fast and efficient: Our platform is designed for speed and performance, minimizing impact on your website's loading times.
  • Dead simple: Easy-to-use interface and clear results make it straightforward to run and analyze A/B tests.
  • Transparent pricing: Our pricing plans are flexible, honest, and competitive, as the only truly usage-based pricing model, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

What is jQuery and why is it so slow?

jQuery is an outdated JavaScript library that simplifies manipulating HTML elements and handling events on web pages for developers.

The jQuery script alone is already 80KB, which is 4X that of the Mida script, and this additional loading time has nothing to do with running tests on your website.

It is unnecessary for modern websites, jQuery introduces a lot of redundant functionalities that most modern websites can already support natively without it.

Why should I care about my website speed?

What are the benefits of a fast loading website and why is site speed an important factor to consider? Let’s take a look at some of the key elements:

  • Search engines prioritize fast-loading websites, the heavier your website is the lower search engine rankings Google will put you.
  • Users expect websites to be responsive and load quickly, a heavy script can slow down website performance, frustrating users and potentially increasing bounce rates. Remember, 47% of users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • Browsers such as the Chrome browser are starting to warn their users when they are about to visit a slow loading site.
  • Slow testing script leads to flickering effect and it will distracts users, reduces trust, skews results, and increases bounce rates, leading to lower conversion rates.
  • A lighter and faster site generally means that less data is being transmitted and loaded which means that less electricity is used. A lighter site emits less carbon for each and every visitor.

How can you measure your website speed and analyze script sizes?

To measure your website speed and evaluate the impact of various scripts, you can use tools like GTmetrix. This tool provides valuable metrics like the PageSpeed Score, load time, and overall page size. The Waterfall chart in GTmetrix visualizes the loading process of individual website elements, including scripts from your analytics provider.

Give Mida a try for lightweight A/B testing

If you're looking to optimize your website's performance and streamline your A/B testing process, Mida is the ideal solution.

With its lightweight script and focus on performance, Mida ensures that your website remains fast and responsive while offering powerful A/B testing capabilities. Experience the benefits of Mida by integrating our lightweight script into your website today.


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