Dstrezzed's E-commerce Success Story: 16% Conversion Rate Improvement


For over a decade, Dstrezzed has been crafting quality, comfortable menswear for modern gentlemen who believe in making the most of life's adventures.

The Challenge:

Dstrezzed faced a common challenge in the world of e-commerce: cart abandonment.

Many customers struggled with selecting the right sizes for their desired products, leading to uncertainty and hesitation during the purchasing process. This issue not only caused frustration among shoppers but also resulted in lost sales and revenue for the company.

The Solution:

After extensive research, Dstrezzed discovered Faslet's Size Me Up Widget - an innovative and user-friendly sizing solution designed specifically for online fashion stores. The widget aims to guide customers in finding the perfect fit, increasing their confidence and likelihood of completing a purchase.

To ensure the effectiveness of this new sizing solution, Dstrezzed partnered with their marketing agency, Marveltest, to conduct a thorough A/B test using Mida's A/B testing solutions. This test would provide concrete evidence of the widget's impact on Dstrezzed's online store performance.

The Campaign:

Marveltest seamlessly integrated the Size Me Up Widget into Dstrezzed's website using Mida's Javascript editor. This allowed for the creation of two distinct user experiences: one featuring the widget and another without it.

Mida automatically split the website traffic evenly between the two groups, ensuring a fair and unbiased comparison.

Throughout the test, Mida collected and analyzed valuable data on user behavior and conversion rates. This information provided deep insights into how the Size Me Up Widget influenced customer engagement and purchasing decisions, enabling Dstrezzed to make data-driven decisions about its implementation.

The Result:

Just three months after incorporating Faslet's sizing solution, Dstrezzed experienced a remarkable 16.3% increase in conversion rates and a significant boost in customer satisfaction.

The Size Me Up Widget proved to be a game-changer for their online store, effectively reducing cart abandonment and driving sales growth.

Thanks to Mida's A/B testing capabilities, Dstrezzed was able to make a confident, data-backed decision about the effectiveness of the sizing solution. The test provided clear evidence that the widget successfully addressed the challenges faced by customers, leading to improved user experience and increased revenue.

This case study with Dstrezzed serves as a powerful testament to the effectiveness of Mida in helping businesses optimize their online stores and make informed decisions based on real-world data.

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