The World Smallest Carbon Footprint A/B Testing Tool

Mida script weighs around 17.2KB in total. That is 13X smaller than all of our competitors such as, VWO, WebTrends Optimize, and etc.

Having a fast loading website is an absolute necessity for any modern websites. Being concious about what analytics script you installed on your website you are actually making a contribution to protect against global warming.

By choosing a lightweight script like Mida, can have a significant effect on the page load time and the carbon footprint too.

Low carbon footprint and eco-friendly

How much electricity does my website consume?

Using the Website Carbon Calculator is a great way to estimate your site's environmental impact. This handy tool calculates how much CO2 your website produces per visitor.

Consider this comparison: when using VWO for A/B testing, an extra 127 KB is added to your site. On the other hand, the Mida script is just under 9 KB. By switching from VWO to Mida, you could lower your page size by 118 KB for each site visitor.

Let's break that down. If your site have 10,000 visits per month, this switch would reduce your data transmission by 1,180,000 KB—that's 1.18 GB—per month. In a year, that's over 14GB of data transfer saved, significantly decreasing your site's carbon footprint.

Although the estimated numbers can vary, the Website Carbon Calculator sets energy usage at 1.8 kWh (kilowatt‐hours) for every GB of data transfer.

This means you could save more than 25 kWh per year by reducing just one A/B test script from your website with 10,000 monthly site visits. Let's put this into perspective:

  • 9.42kg of CO2 per equivalent per year
  • 25 kWh of energy as much CO2 as 2,049 full charges of an average modern smartphones
  • It is enough to power electric car to travel for 157km

These numbers are all estimates but you can imagine if millions of website owners and VWO users end up making a similar reduction in their website size too. The total reduction in the carbon footprint of the web would be immense.

Finally, each page visit on Mida only emits 0.003 gram of CO2—far less than VWO's 0.045 gram, resulting in 15 times more CO2 emissions. By making these mindful changes, we can reduce our carbon footprint one web page at a time.

The average passenger vehicle emits 404 grams of CO2 per mile. For 10,000 page views, VWO script emits 1 mile worth of vehicle CO2.

Give Mida a try for lightweight A/B testing

If you're looking to optimize your website's performance and streamline your A/B testing process, Mida is the ideal solution.

With its lightweight script and focus on performance, Mida ensures that your website remains fast and responsive while offering powerful A/B testing capabilities. Experience the benefits of Mida by integrating our lightweight script into your website today.


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