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Mida is a modern A/B testing platform that is designed to help you cutdown unnecessary hours and speed up your optimization process.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Monthly Tested Users (MTU)?

Tested users are the individuals who visit your website and are included in any of the A/B tests you're conducting.

How does Mida affect my site speed?

Mida is designed to have minimal impact on your site speed. Our script is 10X smaller and faster than the competition (17KB vs 200KB++), keeping your website's performance smooth. You can see a detailed comparison of script and loading times here.

Can I use Mida for native Mobile Development?

It is in close beta now. Contact us through email to get into the beta testing for free.

Can it run on my website (Webflow/Wix/Framer/etc)?

Mida works with almost all websites that allows the addition of custom HTML codes.

Can it run on funnel sites?

Yes, it works on funnel all websites that allows you to inject custom HTML codes to the HEAD section.

Do I need to pay separately for Live Deployment and Personalization?

No, it was all covered within the Growth plan. Our pricing plan doesn't charge you separately on features, it is purely a usage-based pricing model and all features are covered.

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