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We Have Observed that blue color is not good By A/B testing result. We Wish To increase the frequency of people clicking Red color button For the Segment digital marekting. This Will Lead To more People Clicking Measured By number of clicks.

Hypotheses in A/B Testing

Hypotheses form an integral part of A/B Testing. They provide a clear path and expected outcome for the test, based on the initial conditions, such as the user interface and user experience, among others. A well-defined hypothesis is the foundation of any successful A/B test, guiding the direction of the test and serving as a benchmark against which the test’s results are evaluated.

What are the benefits?

The Automated Hypothesis Creator simplifies the first step in the A/B testing process and provides several benefits:

How to Use it with A/B Testing?

To use the Automated Hypothesis Creator with A/B testing, follow these simple steps:

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