How Increased Conversion Rate by 13% with a Simple Tweak


At, we specialize in simplifying complex networking topics for our members, offering courses such as Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure.

The Challenge:

Optimizing our website for better conversion rates relies heavily on A/B testing. When Google Optimize shut down, finding a reliable alternative became crucial. However, exploring options like VWO left us taken aback by their high prices.

The Solution:

Fortunately, our search led us to Mida, a perfect fit for our needs. It's easy to use and doesn't slow down our website

We discovered Mida through Reddit and Google searches, drawn to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Communication with the Mida team is direct and responsive, promptly addressing any issues.

Plus, it's super easy to set up new tests with Mida's simple user interface, making the whole testing process smoother.

The Campaign:

The Result:

Our first experiment with Mida was a game-changer. With just small tweaks to our top bar, we saw a remarkable 13% increase in our conversion rates, with a statistical significance value of 96.93%.

Additionally, Mida's dashboard clearly highlights the significance of our findings, offering actionable insights to refine our strategies further.

In summary, our experience with Mida has been truly fantastic, and we're eager to keep harnessing its capabilities to improve our website's performance.

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