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5 Free Google Optimize Alternative (2024)

Donald Ng
September 28, 2023
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Google Optimize will now go down in the history since September 2023, it's time to think about the myriad alternatives that are available for the marketers.

In this blog post, we're going to list A/B testing that comes with a forever free plan that guarantee top-tier services — each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

VWO - A/B Testing Experts

File:VWO-Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

VWO is a big player in the A/B testing world, widely regarded for its comprehensive platform. The company is known as a reliable tool loved by industry experts who are interested in the A/B testing services they deliver.

Pricing: VWO offers a forever free plan for up to 50K monthly tested users. However, if your user base exceeds this number, their paid plans start at $549 per month and can go up until $1747 for high-tier enterprise plans with additional features.

The Good: VWO is a robust platform that has earned a solid reputation among experts in the field.

The Bad: The platform continually prompts users to renew its free trial. Also, there is a reported tendency of the platform to restrict features to higher tiers to upsell customers.

Mida - The Speedy Performer

Mida is a strong alternative for A/B testing. It is efficient and fast, which earned it the nickname ‘The Flash’ in the industry. They also incorporate AI features, enhancing automation in your A/B testing procedures.

Pricing: Offering a usage-based model, Mida prices at $149/m for 100k Monthly Tested User (MTU) and $100 for an added 100K MTU every time.

The Good:  sets its name with speed and efficiency, making it a competitive choice in the market.

The Bad: As a platform that just emerged,  is prone to occasional bugs and glitches.

Growthbook - The Tech-focused Tool

GitHub - growthbook/growthbook: Open Source Feature Flagging ...

Growthbook works best for technical teams or developers with its self-hosting feature. It isn’t the easiest to operate if you’re not tech-savvy, but it is a reliable choice if you are.

Pricing: Growthbook offers a ‘forever free’ package, with self-hosting options.

The Good: The platform is a solid choice for those with a technical background.

The Bad: People with limited tech know-how might find Growthbook overwhelming due to the lack of a visual editor.

ABlyft - Secretive yet Efficient

ABlyft Logo

ABlyft also provides a free A/B testing option. The platform has a considerable standing in the market but tends to be reticent about their pricing.

Pricing: ABlyft’s pricing details are not very transparent

The Good: ABlyft is a potentially efficient A/B testing tool.

The Bad: The interface isn’t as polished as others, which can be confusing for some users.

Splitbee - The Beginner’s Choice

Splitbee – Your all-in-one analytics and conversion platform

Splitbee is known for its simplicity and a neat, user-friendly interface. Popular with beginners and small startups, Splitbee offers a free plan suitable for testing low traffic websites.

Pricing: The free plan supports only one test and 1,000 visitors/month. For increased requirements, paid plans start from $19 per month.

The Good: Easy to use, with a drag-and-drop visual editor, Splitbee is beginner-friendly.

The Bad: Paid plans charge based on visitor numbers, not the number of tests run, and might not suit your scalability needs.


Google Optimize sunsetting is indeed an end of an era, but it is also the beginning of a new chapter. With free and interesting alternatives around the corner, it's time to try out the different platforms to discover the best fit for your needs. Whether you're an established business taking a strategic leap or a budding startup just starting with A/B Testing, there's a tool out there designed to cater to your needs!

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