Price Display Testing Ideas

Generally speaking, businesses are worried that showing their prices might drive away leads. The common perception is that if you clearly show your price, visitors have enough to make a decision and will not want to talk further. That’s not entirely true and should be A/B tested.

Quick Case Study

SafeSoft Solutions tried an A/B test in which they clearly displayed the price of their software on the landing page. This led to a 100% increase in visitors filling up with lead generation form. Generally speaking, if you have competitive prices and are serving customers that care more about prices than other features, displaying your prices is likely to increase leads.

Price Display Testing Ideas

  • Prominent price display versus no or less prominent display
  • Displaying on the website or not at all – asking visitors to fill a lead generation form
  • Anchoring your price with something common, for example “Just 20 bucks, as much as your team’s daily coffee bill”
  • Shape, size and color of pricing image/table
  • Shape, size and color of pricing table
  • Positioning of where it is displayed
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