Product Photo VS Model Photo

When selling products online, the imagery used can have a significant impact on conversion rates. This A/B test compares using standard product photos against photos showing the product being worn or used by a model.

The "Before" variant displays standalone product images of what appear to be eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. The "After" variant replaces those with close-up photos of a model's eyes wearing the lashes, providing context for how they look when applied.

Seeing the lashes on an actual person helps potential buyers envision how the product would look on them and brings it to life versus a sterile product-only shot. The human element and "real-world" context was likely a key factor in driving the 3.85% lift in RPV (Revenue Per Visitor).

When possible, test incorporating lifestyle imagery or photos of models using your products to increase relatability and help customers connect with how the product would fit into their lives. But be mindful to keep the model anonymous and avoid identifying them specifically.

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