Why is Mida free?

Welcome to mida - your free, AI-powered A/B testing powerhouse! We are on a mission to build the fastest and automated optimization platform to help you autopilot your ideation, monitoring, iteration, and deployment phase with minimal supervision.

If it is so great why are we not charging it for $10,000 per month? Why are we offering it for free when everyone else seems to be hiding behind paywalls and selective enterprise access?

It's simple – because we are you. We are the underdogs, the hopefuls, the dreamers.

We have walked in your shoes, we have felt the pinch of constrained budgets, we crave the same opportunities.

The fall of Google Optimize

When Google Optimize come to an end at 31st September 2023, a gap will emerge, a void that can't be ignored. However, for small businesses and agencies longing for a comprehensive A/B testing tool, this ending marks the beginning of something great – and we have taken up the task to fill that void.

Democratizing A/B testing

At mida, we're not just offering a tool, we're making a statement. We're democratizing technology and changing the A/B testing game forever. With us, what was once a premium, gated service now belongs to everyone.

But it's not just about accessibility. We harness the power of generative AI to automate the entire optimization process. The result? Non-stop, hands-free improvement of your conversion rates. Our solution doesn't just find winning strategies it evolves them, tirelessly managing and refining your A/B testing for continuous, optimal results.

A new revolution with AI

Join us today and become part of the revolution. mida is not just a platform, it's a commitment - to keep A/B testing open, automated, and advancing, all for the price of nothing.

Let's redefine marketing together with mida – your ultimate ally in A/B testing. Free, limitless, and AI-powered. Just the way you need it.


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