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How much is Optimizely?

Donald Ng
October 4, 2023
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Reviews on Capterra

To help you get an idea of how much Optimizely costs, we’ve compiled findings from our thorough investigation and from various sources on the internet.

TLDR: the smallest plan starts at $36,000 per annum; $63,700 per annum for 10 million impressions (and allegedly a percentage of sales)

How Optimizely Pricing Works

According to Splitbase, the smallest Optimizely plan starts at $36,000 USD per year. Depending on your needs and the features of your selected plan, this cost could rise to $200,000+ a year. The traffic your website attracts is another factor that will influence your plan’s pricing. In simple words, more the traffic to test, higher the price.

Convert states that Optimizely X Web Business plans equate to around $63,700 for 10 million impressions, available upfront. The Enterprise plan can cost up to $113,100 for 10 million impressions. It’s important to know that Optimizely only offers annual plans — no monthly payment options are available.

What Optimizely Customers Think

While premium pricing reflects the quality of service, the users’ voice is integral to understanding if the cost corresponds to the perceived value. Let’s delve deeper into what Optimizely customers have to say about their experiences:

  • Pricing based on revenue: A distinctive and rare aspect of Optimizely’s pricing structure that raised complaints was the revenue-based pricing. One user mentioned that Optimizely asked for a percentage of sales instead of presenting a flat pricing model. This approach led the user to develop a negative sentiment towards the platform.
  • Charging for non-usage: Some users on G2 criticized Optimizely’s lack of lower pricing tiers. The complaint was that the platform’s pricing doesn’t take into account instances of non-usage, resulting in companies paying for services they aren’t utilizing.
  • High prices for desired features: A prevalent complaint on G2 pointed towards dissatisfaction about the cost-value correlation. Users stated that they had to make an outlay of around $66,000 for a product that didn’t even include the features they initially requested.
  • Automatic renewal clause: One of the most frustrating experiences a user had with Optimizely was the automatic contract renewal. The unsuspecting user missed the obligation to provide a written cancellation request and found themselves bound to the platform for another year, incurring a cost of $24,000 for a product they weren’t using anymore.
  • Better Alternatives: Many users, frustrated with the high costs and lack of desired features, switched to other alternatives that offered better value. A G2 review cited an example where a user shifted to VWO and managed to accrue more visitors and additional features at a fraction of the cost of Optimizely.

In sum, Optimizely does have a strong portfolio, but users have voiced criticisms about the pricing and contract model.

Estimated Pricing

Disclaimer: Optimizely pricing here is estimated based on public available data and reviews. Contact Optimizely for actual pricing.

Given the information from various sources, as well as user reviews, Optimizely’s pricing can vary significantly, largely depending on the level of traffic on your website, the features you need, and the plan you select.

For a small plan with basic features, you may have to shell out a minimum of $36,000 USD per year. If your website sees more traffic or needs premium features, this cost can soar to the ballpark of $200,000 USD or more per year.

In terms of impressions, it exhibits a similar range. The Optimizely X Web Business can cost around $63,700 USD for 10 million impressions, with the Enterprise variant hitting up to $113,100 USD for the same number of impressions.

To get a detailed breakdown of the pricing, you can contact Optimizely directly. They will provide a quote customized to your business’s needs and website’s traffic. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of what you would be investing in.

The Takeaway

Optimizely is undeniably a dominant player in the A/B testing field. However, it’s vital to consider your organization’s specific needs, budget, and required features before investing. Assessing reviews from existing users is equally crucial.

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